Thank You Peter Dinklage


Thank You Peter Dinklage

The purveyors of entertainment continually push technological boundaries in search of ways to minimize the contributions of their artists and creative contributors, even going so far as to ENTIRELY REPLACE a lengthy performance when it suits their needs. Consider the curious case of the Ghost character in the first “Destiny” video game. Celebrated actor Peter Dinklage voiced the ever-present companion, a floating magical robot Rubik’s Cube (™, ®, ©) with a heart of gold (and probably also some gallium, platinum, and trace amounts of mercury). In spite of some of the least thoughtful writing and/or editing in the history of voice over, Mr. Dinklage gave us a Ghost that we could, and did in fact, love.

…and then, like that [snap fingers], Peter’s performance was… gone.

Not different. Not altered or edited or updated.


Mr. Dinklage’s comforting tones were replaced. Every syllable, every utterance, every sighing breath.

Replaced with a different voice, a well-respected and capable voice to be sure, but a voice belonging to a completely different performer.

The reasons for this were not made clear to us.*

What was made abundantly clear on that cold, lonely morning was that a complete artistic performance was erased from existence. It wasn’t that Mr. Dinklage had been Aunt Vivianed. He wasn’t dropped from the cast and subsequent performances provided by a different actor. His entire original performance was removed from the original published work!! It was as if Mr. Dinklage had never even participated in the first place!

At least one of the Old Gamers Ranting aspires to use his voice professionally and the very notion that a completed and PUBLISHED performance could be REMOVED AND REPLACED is an outrageous affront to artistic endeavor. The publishers didn’t even have the creativity to write the change of voice into the storyline. They just rerecorded the entire character performance with a different actor and replaced the original. MADNESS.

So we offer you this list of performances in which Peter Dinklage has not yet been entirely replaced by another performer, in devoted appreciation to Mr. Dinklage and his art.

Did we dig in and attempt to sleuth out the facts through persistent investigation? Of course not. Did we follow the various gaming related news sources with intent to find every morsel and tidbit of information published? No, no we did not. Sure, if you have definitive information about the REAL reasons for the situation from a credible source, you can send it to us. If you have your own theories, sure you can send them to us.