We are Old Gamers Ranting



by Jack Snipple

“These dang whippersnappers!" They keep running across my lawn! Imagine an old geezer standing on his front porch, waving his walking cane and yelling at the neighborhood kids. Now you have an image in your mind of exactly who we are. Or who at least one of us is. Wait… maybe it’s best to apply that image to us as a whole instead of individually, and think about it that way.

We’re like the Borg from Star Trek….. only not as intelligent, not as singularly minded, and not the bad guys. Okay… so we’re nothing like the Borg.

Here’s who Old Gamers Ranting are: We’re a group of friends who enjoy online gaming shenanigans, talking about life, making people laugh, and occasionally disagreeing (or agreeing) with each other about important subjects. Important subjects like, “What’s that smell?” or “Why can’t I let my 10 year old play Grand Theft Auto?” or the ever popular “Why is Chet Katz snoring right now?”

Come and enjoy listening to us talk about a wide range of topics… you might actually enjoy your time with us. Just stay off of our lawn!